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Expanding your brand to its fullest potential.

Design. Experience. Appearance. Awareness.

About MH

About MH

Taking Branding Beyond Just Digital

branding agency for small business

Branding by MH is an agency that helps small businesses of all sizes expand their brand beyond just digital. With the opening of multiple companies and over 17 years of experience in several industries, we thought it was important that entrepreneurs have the opportunity to create a full cohesive message. Branding is not only about the digital presence but your clients experience, your appearance, right down to your marketing and PR strategy. We specialize in industries we are truly passionate about and knowledgeable in such as fashion, events, travel, and creatives including artists! However, we don't want to put a limit on anyone so we do work with all industries. 


Our overall mission is to help expand businesses to their fullest potential so their brand is cohesive, easy to understand and is able to provide the best experience possible. 

branding agency minneapolis


design agency minneapolis


Website Development, Branded Materials, Logo Design, Brand Colors

business consultant work etiquette


Operations, Amenities, Customer Service and

Etiquette, Package Creation

image consultant


Interior, Image Consulting, Branding Photography and Video

marketing consultant


Social Media, Marketing Strategy, SEO,

PR Consulting, Events 

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branding agency for small business

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