About Melissa & MH

The Woman With Many Hats

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Hi! I'm Melissa, Founder and Creative Director for Branding by MH. First of all, welcome to my site! As my subtitle says, I'm a woman of MANY hats; Branding by MH is actually my 3rd business! I've been in the fashion and events industry for over 17 years and throughout my journey, I always seemed to get looped into business development and marketing. Whether it was creating packages for a venue, to consulting a department store on its merchandising standards, hiring staff members, creating a process or managing social media, I found myself actually loving it! I loved it SO much that I opened my 1st business MH Event Consulting in 2016 and a few months later, MH Style Consulting

Throughout my fashion career I worked in retail management, sales, styling, merchandising, as well as an ambassador for a high-end brand. This is all the while planning and producing events for the departments I worked in. After several years, I moved into the editorial world of wardrobe styling while still working in large productions such as fashion shows, music and art shows. The first time I dabbled into actual branding was when I was teaching my artists how to prep for their showcase such as what materials they needed to have, how they should present themselves, etc. I absolutely loved it and now I'm so excited to get back into it and help them again! 

I spent my whole adult life in the south, Phoenix and Miami to be exact. I moved back to Minneapolis in 2015 in which I got into venue management where I not only managed 2

spaces, but I also ran the operations. This was where I discovered the world of weddings, corporate events and fundraisers which I then took over to MH Event Consulting. With my experience in building a venue, running the operations and development, I started offering venue consulting making me one of the only Venue Consultants for miles here in the Upper Midwest. 

The past couple of years while I was running my 2nd business, MH Style Consulting, I found the love of styling entrepreneurs and business professionals whether it was their everyday work wear or for a branded photo session. Eventually, I started to get asked by my clients to decorate their homes and office spaces. Speeding it up to today, I'm now an interior decorator in addition to being an image consultant! I love styling homes, but I love commercial spaces a tad bit more - finding the message that a business wants to convey to their clients from a visual standpoint is really what makes me tick. I combined the 2 and now I even decorate vacation rentals! Did I forget to mention that even though I have multiple companies to manage, I also travel A LOT! Fun fact: I was once a travel blogger. With all that being said, this is why I've opened Branding by MH for specific markets that I'm not only passionate about, but that I'm knowledgeable in. 

Branding goes WAY BEYOND the digital world. The way you act, the way you talk, and the way you dress to even the experience of your business goes hand-in-hand with your brand! And let's not forget to mention that it should all be cohesive. This is why we offer the services we do! We truly are a one-stop-shop branding agency. 

When you work with me I'll be the head of creation in which I will work closely with my team to make everything perfect and cohesive. I will also be the person who will do the interior decorating, image consulting, customer service etiquette and standards in addition to brainstorming marketing strategies....and yup, you guessed it! If you even want to throw a launch party or an open house after everything is completed, I'm your girl!