First Impression Is Everything

Our image consulting is our most sought out service here at Branding by MH! It's not only because it's a unique service that most branding agencies don't offer, but it's also after reading this or speaking with us that our clients understand how important it is to invest in their image in addition to their digital branding. Additionally, they end up understanding what it means when we refer to a visual signature alongside our tagline:

Branding beyond just digital

When we work with you on your image this can entail your wardrobe and overall appearance, office interior, digital backdrops, as well as the look and feel needed for your branding photography and videography needs. We take the time to ensure your brands colors and textures are present, the style and vibe match your digital presence, personality, as well as the culture of your small business. More importantly, and one of our pillars we bring into this agency, is that we promote your appearance as a self-care item! Whether it's promoting empowerment or confidence, we honor who you are as an individual and not just your business so you can truly expand your brand to its fullest potential. 

image consultant