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ChiroCenter - Bloomington project

Have you ever stepped into a doctor's office and felt nervous or uptight? Maybe unwelcomed? You just overall felt like you were in a cold doctor's office, am I right? That's exactly how it felt at the chiropractic office, ChiroCenter - Bloomington. Their office was very 90's; lots of tans that had a yellow tint to it, outdated wallpaper, accents of brown along with typical doctor office chairs that were blue. When you walked in it felt like a time warp, just very blah. The florescent lighting didn't help at all either. So now you probably understand why the owner, Dr. Schmitt, hired me 😂

Chirocenter Bloomington

At my initial consult with Dr. Schmitt I asked what I ask every single one of my interior clients: "How do you want your clients to feel when they walk into your space?" His answer? He wanted his patients to feel like they were at home, just overall cozy. First step when I'm doing a full revamp like this is choosing the right COLOR, which in this case was very much needed!

When my clients say anything along the lines like Dr. Schmitt did, I immediately think of the colors green, blue and neutrals. I read up on color psychology and bring it over to not only this branding agency, but my other two companies as well. If you aren't familiar with colors and their meanings, here's a little snippet to get this blog started:

Pink: Playful, romance, nurture

Red: Love, passion, courage

Orange: Cheerful, enthusiasm, energetic

Yellow: Happiness, hope, creativity

Green: Nature, harmony, growth, prosperity

Blue: Calm, trust, intelligence, loyalty

Purple: Luxury, power, ambition

White: Purity, innocence, peace

Brown: Honesty, warmth, dependability, approachability

Black: Power, elegance, sophistication

Now when it comes to choosing the right colors, I always look at the brand first- i.e. brand colors, logo, the company's look and feel, their industry, etc. You've probably heard me say this before, ensuring that the look of your interior space matches your brand, is KEY! It creates that "visual signature" where clients (or patients for this project) will remember you. Good example of this is Target! When you see red and khaki you think of Target, right? When you go into their bathrooms, their stalls are even red! This is exactly what I'm talking about. For ChiroCenter, their logo is simple and made up of green and black. Per color psychology and what I was immediately thinking after Dr. Schmitt said "cozy", was green AND blue! However, as you can see below the green is a TRUE green:

chiropractor minneapolis

As a decorator, I try to do at least 2 colors while keeping the base neutral in case my client goes through, what I call, "The 3-4 Year Syndrome" - On average, people like to revamp around this timeframe. I want it to be an easy change for them just in case so by keeping the base (i.e furniture, walls, etc.) a neutral but the accents (i.e. trinkets on the shelves, pillows, ottomans, etc.) in a color, it's an inexpensive fix. With all this being said, I thought that the green in the logo might be a little too bright for even the accents so I went with lighter shades. They were ones that complimented not only each other BUT the tile, carpet, and reception desk - If you guys knew how much it costs to redo a reception desk, you'd be astonished! 😲 Another reason why I wanted to keep things neutral was because of the florescent lighting, low ceilings and lack of natural light. Why?? It was critical that we paint the walls in a lighter color so it made the space appear "bigger". Additionally, I wanted to make sure that because the carpet was dark, that we kept the furniture lighter as well so, again, the room appeared bigger! **You'll read up on more about the furniture below.

I did end up making the blue the main accent color because it seemed to flow better with the darker furnishings such as the tile and reception desk. The green just seemed to bring out the yellows in the tans which with the florescent lighting, it was no bueno! Green had to make a debut somewhere though, I didn't want the space to not tie in with their brand...obviously. This is where I brought in plants! Using plants actually ended up 'killing two birds with one stone'. You're probably asking yourself, how? Plants are scientifically proven to reduce stress - aka, calm people down - The exact feeling Dr. Schmitt wanted in order for his patients to feel like they were at "home".

So let's talk about the furniture, shall we? I mentioned before that I wanted to go with a lighter color for the chairs so it would help make the room to appear bigger. I also wanted to choose a fabric that would be easy to clean, which is why I went with a mircofiber. When it comes to commercial furniture, it's really important to actually SIT IN IT. Not only for comfort, but also for the functionality of it. You have to think about how your clients (or patients) are all different shapes and sizes. I personally try to stray away from anything that has arms. If there are arms, I like to make sure that they're not too high up making someone who has larger hips feel too snug. I also take a closer look at the arms and see if the placement of my hands and my own arms (even when I'm getting up) is comfortable. Then I think about elderly people, would they be able to easily get up?

Okay I have to stop talking about my project real quick and fill you in on a little secret. I originally found these chairs at Macy's for however much. I then saw them on Target and Wayfair's website. I took the liberty to Google the chair's name and found it for cheaper on Bed Bath & Beyond's site AND THEN found it for even cheaper on Home Depot's site.....yes, I said Home Depot!! So before you buy furniture online, Google the name of it and see if you can find it anywhere else. I have even found a dining room set that was originally at HOM Furniture (or else it was Ashley Furniture) ON WALMART'S WEBSITE for half the price! Insane, right?!

Another thing to take in mind when it comes to furniture are the lines. If you have a smaller space, stay away from puffy large lines. As you can see in the furniture photo, I went with clean, small lines since the lobby is a bit smaller. This tip doesn't just pertain to commercial spaces by the way, it also goes for your home.

chiropractor office design

Besides the furniture, a few things I brought in to give it that cozy feel were wood accents which a big one were the floating shelves! In addition to, I brought in side tables and coffee tables that you would find in your house, vases with fillers, trinkets for the shelves including the ones that hold their products and I even brought in an ottoman that kids could sit on!

Tip on floating shelves: If you have a smaller room, floating shelves actually help with saving space. They also help with making the room to appear bigger as well! The only thing about them is sometimes they can be a pain to hang up 🙄 If you don't want to deal with them or don't like them, go with a smaller framed shelving unit; the same idea behind smaller lines with chairs / furniture.

When it comes to commercial spaces, there a lot of tiny details most business owners forget about. Once you make the switcharoo you can see the world of a difference:

- Buy tissue box covers

- If you offer bottled water, take the labels off or create custom labels with your logo

- Don't have a clock in a waiting room! If you run late, it's a dock against you because the clients can keep track of how far behind you actually are

- Make sure to have coat hooks....and with that, make sure they're good ones! Ex: coats can actually hang on them, if it's a coat stand make sure that it doesn't tip over, etc.

- Your reception desk should be clutter-free - This is the first thing that they see and first impression is everything!

So needless to say, I didn't put a clock in ChiroCenter's lobby 😉

Now that you have read all about this project, here are some Before & After's:

That's it guys! That was my branding interior project with ChiroCenter - Bloomington, one of my favorite projects to date! If you find yourself needing a little refresher whether it's your lobby, office, home office or backdrop for video calls / YouTube, you know a branding strategist that specializes in it. Until then,



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