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the crazy craft lady youtube channel

Aimee Page, the woman behind the handle The Crazy Craft Lady blog, reached out to me several months ago after finding me on Facebook expressing interest in redoing her background for her YouTube videos. Before she reached out to me she just had wallpaper that replicated white shiplap. After viewing her videos, I had already started dreaming up designs in my head.

the crazy craft lady blog

No matter who the client is, I always set up a consult call. Why? Because 1) I want to make sure that we're a good fit for one another. The worst is when you don't get along personally and professionally. When you're in someone's personal space or have a long project ahead, you need to understand each other. 2) I wanted to learn about what HER vision was so I could narrow down all the design ideas I had already running around in my head. So after having my initial consult call with her, she had mentioned she wanted it to be clean which I completely agreed with. The wood table she uses to display and work on for all her crafts along with the look and feel of the white shiplap wallpaper, I knew immediately we had to go with a modern farmhouse style. But not only did it make sense visually, I got to know her personality and what her mission behind her blog was and the modern farmhouse matched all of it! Not to mention that the look of her logo had all the modern farmhouse feels. She just overall screamed Magnolia by Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper! 😂

It's so important to look at your brand as a whole. If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you know I've posted this before, and is actually my motto behind my agency - Your brand goes beyond just digital. Every business owner comes up with their website, logo and brand colors first. But before you do, it's SOOOOO important to really think about what your personality is, what's the culture behind your business and what type of audience you'll be aiming towards. I even suggest studying color psychology - something I practice and study not only for my overall branding agency and clients, but even for interior decorating and wardrobe styling projects. Color truly makes a difference. So once you nail down the look and feel from the colors, fonts, etc. then you need to reflect that into your in-person presence, including your videos and photos whether it's for YouTube like Aimee or just on your social media.

So after speaking with Aimee we immediately got started creating mood boards. I have this really cool platform that allows me to create boards whether it's for interiors OR wardrobe! You can just click on the pieces I picked out and it takes you right to that store's page for the item so you can easily purchase it. I got it via my personal styling and interior decorating business MH Style Consulting, for obvious reasons 😉 So I use it for my branding clients as well, because why not? It's amazing, and such a God send to be honest since Covid has really affected the way we shop now. Here were my initial design ideas:

Board 1

Board 2

Board 3

I like to practice sustainability with my designs so Aimee actually ended up having a few items in her home already that replicated some of the pieces in my design. Again, they were just mood boards so I'm all about using items from a clients inventory, especially since I don't run on commission so I really don't care. Haha!

The one thing that was different for me was that this project was in the middle of the pandemic so we weren't vaccinated yet nor did we want to risk seeing each other in-person. So what's a girl to do than to schedule a million Zoom calls! It actually worked out because I could see the frame that would be exactly shown on YouTube. Win, win, win! We sat on our Zoom call while she held up the shelves and I would tell her higher, lower, over to the right, nope maybe 1/2 inch to the left. It worked out perfectly. As a little hint: If you aren't working with a branding strategist or interior decorator like myself, blue tape comes in handy when trying to figure out where you should hang things. This allows you to take a step back and see what it would look like before nailing a hole in the wall.

After we figured out where everything was going, we were talking about the handcrafted cursive sign that I wanted to make (well, I wasn't going to make it myself 😂). At this point in the branding design process we were still up in the air about the signs measurements because we wanted to see the shelves and trinkets first. So now it was time to really solidify the sign. After seeing everything up and with her standing next to it, we decided that a cursive sign that said The Crazy Craft Lady was going to be too big and she would cover it when standing there filming. Here's why: When you make a wooden sign that's in cursive, it actually is a lot longer than you would expect because of all the curves in the letters. If we shrunk it, it would be too small so none of her viewers would see it and we actually would be forced to make it be in a regular font which we didn't want. That's where we decided to use her slogan instead - Make Everyday Creative. You guys! I highly recommend the Etsy shop Mill City Workshop. Lindsey is the owner of the shop and I must say she was super responsive and provided the best customer service you could get on Etsy. So Lindsey if you're reading this - You are awesome and thank you!!

So I'm sure you're all wondering what the outcome was with Aimee's backdrop, huh? Here you go:


The Craft Craft Lady diy youtube channel

...and After!

So if you're a blogger or a vlogger I hope this post helps you get in the right branding direction. And if know a branding agency that can help 😉

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