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What to Wear for a Branding Photoshoot

what to wear for a branding photo shoot

Photographers get asked by their clients more often than not, "What should I wear to our photo session?" I've partnered up with many photographers over the years because of this. They take photos and only photos. Although they can advise you on what to wear, they aren't a wardrobe stylist like myself. This is one of the reasons why I wanted my photo sessions to include me as your wardrobe stylist so you don't have to stress about that outfit of yours, leave it to me!

You've heard me say it before and I'll say it again (I should really just make this my tagline), branding goes beyond just digital. I've been promoting self-image for the longest time and I think a lot of people don't take it into consideration as part of their business. Nor do I think that some people think of it as part of their marketing. You might be thinking, "Huh? Marketing?!" Yes, I said it! I mean think about it - You walk into a room as a self-made entrepreneur. You run a small business. You ARE your brand. Think of yourself as a runway model; they are their business. It's the same exact thing. I always suggest to my branding wardrobe clients, create a visual signature. This is the lasting visual impression that allows someone to remember you for. Take me for example: I've been doing a lot of speaking engagements lately in which I've always worn something green or bright pink with an overall retro flair to the outfit. You won't see me in anything else when I'm speaking (or networking and attending big meetings, for that matter). Now do you need to wear this "visual signature" every single time? Nope, that's why I mentioned that I only wear my "visual signature" at big meetings, speaking engagements, etc. If I'm just meeting with a client over Zoom, then I may just wear what I want to wear that day and that's totally okay!

Now, another "big event" that you should wear this visual signature at is, surprise, surprise, it's the topic for this post - Your branding photo shoot! If you're reading this and you're a startup you may be asking yourself why do I need to do a branding photo shoot? These photos are professional photos that you can use for your website, social media, if you're being featured anywhere they may ask you for a high-res photo; these are the photos you're going to use! With that said, here are my tips and tricks on how to prepare your outfit for your next branding session:

First things first, and you probably guessed it, round up all those items you own that are in your brands colors. Patterns are okay, but don't wear small busy patterns, and do not wear sequin! Solid colors overall work best.

Second, round up and narrow down the items that showcase the vibe of your business. Example: if you have a modern looking brand, you want your clothes to have clean, chic lines, if you have a vintage boho look you'll want to wear all boho outfits, so on and so forth.

The third step is to narrow down your looks. On average, my clients will do 2-3 outfit changes. Make sure to take in mind how many hours you have your photographer for. Also, as a little side tidbit, even if it's only 3 outfits and seems like it shouldn't take that long to shoot each look, it does take longer than you think. Coming from the fashion and editorial world, trust me 😉 Every photographer shoots differently, including the time it takes them to shoot. If I'm not your branding agency and branding photographer, consult with your photographer how many outfits they think you'll get to within the booked timeframe.

The third and a half step is to ensure that your outfits not only match your brand's vibe, but also the location you're shooting in. Your photographer will work on this with you, or if you're working with me, I plan it all out for you and you just show up 😊

The fourth thing you should do is take test shots (your phone works just fine for this). Throw on your outfit and practice all the poses (which by the way, poses should also match your brand. If you have a more serious business, you probably won't do a fun and playful pose); stand up, sit down, lean on something, etc. Afterwards, scroll the photos and see how the outfit looks. For instance, is there bulging anywhere that shouldn't have bulge? Hint: if you're wearing high waisted pants with pleats, bulging in your tummy area when you're sitting down will most likely happen; the style of these pants are so cute but yet so annoying 🙄 Another thing to look at is, how do they move? Are they getting caught anywhere? After shooting a few poses, are they twisting? And most importantly, something you should think about while you're doing these test shots is if you're comfortable even shooting in them! If you're uncomfortable, you WILL wear it on your face...which obviously you don't want.

Lastly, don't forget about hair and makeup! A lot of people don't think about this, but you should! Tip: send photos of the outfits along with your brand's vibe to the hair / makeup artist so they can get a visual. Unless you're working with me (which surprise, surprise, I plan this part for you as well), work with them to come up with the perfect look to match the overall vibe and your outfit. The last thing you want to do is be all glammed up when you have a more relaxed brand, outfit and location.

So there you have it, what to wear for a branding photo shoot! If you're still stuck, here are some outfit ideas: Click here

Hope this helps! If you need more ideas or want to work with me for your branding and photography needs, I can be reached directly via the Contact Box at!

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